Luke Visser Chappaqua

A Love for Hockey

About Luke Visser | Westchester, NY

To his family and friends, Chappaqua-native Luke Visser is known as someone who’s passionate
about play. Not in the more modern sense of play as a replacement of responsibility, but as
a true manifestation of the love of life and a deep, seemingly intrinsic understanding of the
importance of this thing we call ‘play’.

One of the things that Luke loves to play the most is that wonderful dance on ice we know as
hockey. “I started skating around age three, and from there youth ice hockey was almost
inevitable,” Luke says with a chuckle when asked about his passion behind this very popular
sport that still sits in the back of the minds of so many Americans (at least, Americans of the
U.S.A.). “One of the things I love most about it is the amazing combination of speed, grace, and
physical play it requires. Once you realize how difficult actually playing hockey is = the dexterity,
hand-eye coordination, and toughness, it’s pretty amazing to sit back and watch the sport; you
get a whole new appreciation for it.”

Luke, who started out as a defenseman but ultimately gravitated towards goaltending is really
enjoying his current position. “The skill, training, and fortitude needed to play is really
tremendous.” Luke Visser is really thankful that he and his family share a lot of the same interests, and he always goes back to the joy found in the fact that he and his father share the same love for hockey and sports in general.

When he’s not enveloped in hockey, Luke is also a lover of travel. “One of my favorite things to
do is visit American historical sites. Experiencing the wide variety and geography and culture within

the United States alone is pretty amazing. In addition, my maternal grandmother is from Hong
Kong, and that’s been a pretty great place to visit.








Luke Visser, an avid piano player, is also passionate about music, game strategy, and the medical
profession. Though still in high school in the Westchester, NY area, Luke is contemplating pursuing pre-med after graduation.

Be sure to check back as Luke Visser shares some of his love for hockey, highlights and
spotlights on his favorite teams and players, and why the sport is so important when embracing
the much-needed sense of ‘play’ missing in an increasingly industrial world.