Running is one of the most popular pastimes. Runners get to stay in shape, burn calories, and experience nature. However, there are some things beginners need to pay attention to.


Use a Running App

Beginners should consider using an app like RunKeeper. Carrying around a phone might be a small hassle (some runners choose to use an armband). But it can make the hobby a lot more engaging. Running apps will track your route and time. You’ll be able to keep a record of all your runs. Many runners like to constantly try to beat their personal best. If you’re looking to lose weight, these apps will also keep track of calories burned. Best of all, these apps are free.


Rest Days

Some runners might feel pressured to run constantly. Whether it’s because they want to get in shape or lose weight, avoiding rest days can be tempting. This is a very bad idea though. Running is a strenuous activity and can stress out your joints if you don’t rest. A lack of rest days will also probably prevent you from beating your records.



If you want to make progress, a routine is very important. After a long day at work, many people want to just sit out on the couch and stream Netflix. A good idea might be to put on your gear as soon as you get home and be out on your daily run within five minutes.


Get into a routine and run at the same time every day. If you just wait to run when you’re in the mood, it’ll be hard to meet fitness goals.


Night Running

If you decide to go night running, make sure to run in areas there are well lit. Bring a phone with you in case you need to use Uber or call a friend.


Don’t Go Too Fast

Beginners need to learn about their bodies before exerting themselves. If you go too fast, you’re at risk of pain and injuries.


Short Intervals

Don’t be ashamed to walk. Beginners will alternate between jogging and walking. This is completely normal and as time goes on you will improve.


Running is a fantastic sport to get involved in and it will definitely keep you in shape during and after the hockey season!