The nights keep getting longer and the temperature keeps dipping; for many, these signs portend the beginning of an annual tradition: the start of the National Hockey League season.  This season comes with a new/old surprise for admirers of the league.  The NHL and its fans recently got a shot of nostalgia when Adidas announced their “reverse retro” designs for all 31 teams across the sport.  The jerseys will be used in game rotation as the third alternate jersey. In collaboration with each team, Adidas reinvigorated the original jersey visages and incorporated new color schemes, and punched up the original logos.  It’s pivotal to remember that a jersey represents so much more than just a player or a team.  When you see the color scheme or logo of an era you loved with a team, you’re immediately filled with memories and sensations from when you watched that team.  Paying respects to the past allow Adidas to let fans connect with their forgotten feelings and experiences from their favorite team

The reverse retro design provides an attempt to remix and update old favorites and pay homage to the storied history of the league.  Fans will feel pangs of wistful longing for a variety of eras, and even for teams long since defunct or relocated. The Colorado Avalanche and Carolina Hurricanes will be wearing Quebec Nordiques and Hartford Whaler sweaters respectively to pay homage to their original cities.  The 1990’s expansion darlings Phoenix Coyotes and Anaheim Ducks will look especially of an era in their tertiary colored kits.  If you want a sense of history look no further than original six member Chicago Blackhawks who have remixed a jersey from their 1940 season.  In short, what Adidas is doing is providing an updated snapshot of the visual history of the league, and welcoming fans to reflect on the histories of their organizations.  If you’re looking to find a jersey, they are on sale at,,,, and team stores.  They will be available at additional retailers on December 6th.