While they are often overlooked by causal fans, the goalie is the most important player on an ice hockey team. They are the only one that stays on the ice for the entirety of the game, so their performance has a huge effect on the outcome of the game. These are the four most famous ice hockey goalies in the history of the sport.

Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy is widely considered to be the greatest goalie in NHL history. His 551 wins are the second most in league history. He has also won the Stanley Cup MVP award more times than any other player. Roy extended his fame after his illustrious playing career ended by working as the head coach for the Colorado Avalanche for three seasons. Roy is now working with the Quebec Ramparts in the QMHJL.

Martin Brodeur

If there is one person that can contend with Patrick Roy as the NHL’s all-time best goalie, it is Martin Brodeur. His 691 career wins are more than any other goalie to ever step on the ice. His 125 shutouts are also an NHL record. Brodeur had a knack for coming up big when it mattered the most. He helped lead the New Jersey Devils to three Stanley Cup victories. He also won four Olympic medals for his home country of Canada.

Dominik Hasek

No goalie in hockey history put on a better show than Dominik Hasek. He employed an acrobatic goaltending style in the net that helped him make some of the most impressive saves anyone has ever seen. Hasek’s exciting style helped create new hockey fans all over the world, which is something rarely done by a goalie. Hasek’s .922 career save percentage is still an NHL record.


Roberto Luongo


Anyone that has followed hockey in the last 20 years is very familiar with Roberto Luongo. The six-time All-star recently retired from the sport following the 2019 NHL season. Luongo ended his career in third place on the all-time wins list. He also played in more games than any other goalie besides Martin Brodeur. Roberto Luongo never managed to hoist the Stanley Cup, but he was consistently one of the best goalies in the league throughout his career.